The Fonzie Effect

I think the candy dispenser machine at work is a masochist. The more I abuse it, the more return I get for my buck.

A while back, it started eating money without giving any back. Nobody posted anything on the machine to alert others to this, it just happened. Then I went in and saw the machine had a credit posted on it.

So I hit it with the heel of my hand, right up on the side adjacent the LED. (When dealing with computers, go to the brain center.) It spat out money, then popped out some M'n'Ms. They were delicious. This went on for at least three more visits.

Then it went back to normal.

A few weeks ago, I went to get a piece of plastic-wrapped marble cake. Got it, no problem, but the cake was all moldy. Yech. So because I'm that kind of person, I called the help number on the machine and they were so apologetic and confused and sad for me that when they sent the guy out to fix the machine (that is, remove the other moldy cake pieces), they gave me my money back. Very nice. But then I got another call from the company saying another guy was here and what could he do for me? I told him not to worry about it, I got my money, all is well.

He gave me a case of small Poland Spring water bottles.

Today, I went to get some Milano cookies. Having a peckish morning, you see. It took my dollar bill, but when I typed in the code for the cookies, nothing happened. It just kept my bill. So I whapped it again.

Out spat 25 cents.

I typed in the code, and down came my cookies and change.

Things like this keep my days interesting.