Serving up lamb in a rare, delightfully nasty way

LambOne of these days I'll write a longer post about the joys of discovering the fiction Roald Dahl wrote for adults, rather than children (most of us only know him by his "Matilda" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" books). It's twisty, detailed, tightly-written and often delightfully nasty.

But for now, I'll send you to one of his greatest: "Lamb to the Slaughter," which seems to be following me around this weekend: The New York Times Education Life section featured a psychology quiz that cited the story, and my fellow TV writer Marc Berman (of TV Media Insights) noted that today in 1958 "Alfred Hitchock Presents" aired the (very well done) televised version of the story.

In the tale, a mousy, pregnant housewife dispatches her husband by clonking him on the head with a leg of lamb and then finds an ingenious way to get rid of the evidence.

Read it here, or watch the episode here. You'll be doing yourself a favor, particularly if you're spurred to hunt down more of Dahl's short stories.