‘Revolution’ will no longer be televised, and it comes down to guns, and hair

Photo-1-249x300Ugh, the guns. The guns and the hair. The guns, the hair and the complete lack of forward motion.

Hello all, and welcome to the ongoing shiva service I’m holding for the death of NBC’s Revolution, a show for whom the end of the world came twice: Once when the series started – the premise was that something had turned off all the electricity in one fell swoop and here we are 15 years later and how you like me now, civilization?  — and on May 21, when the second season aired its final episode and the lights went out for real.

There were 42 episodes of Revolution, and I watched ‘em all. That’s the equivalent of 21 movies worth of Post-Apocalyptic Scooby Gang adventures of Miles, Charlie, Tom, Aaron and Rachel going nowhere and not making very good time. They slogged through the weediest looking version of the ex-U.S.A. ever portrayed on network television week after week, in which nothing much ever seemed to happen except the same things that happened the week before.

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