Putting that dream into action, you st★r f**ker

Speaking of mining dreams for content.

My pal Tamara over here has a call out for talented playwrights interested in a prompt based on a real-actual-honest-to-spaghetti-monster-dream someone had.

She writes on Facebook:

I am lucky enough to be a producer and actor of new short plays once a year, every summer. It is one of the coolest things I get to do- EVER. Wanna write for us? You should. This year, your inspiration is "celebrity dreams", provided by us. 7 minute plays, produced in a theatre, for one night this August. Let me know if you wanna write–I want you to.

So in addition to being an amazing cook, she's also got her hands in this particular pie, which is amazing. If you want in as a writer, go over here right now and get involved. And if you end up writing the dream I handed her way (let's just say Benedict Cumberbatch was involved in some fashion) and it gets produced, I will buy you dinner.

Maybe even one made by Tamara herself.