Procrastination nation

It feels a little like a scene from “Apocalypse Now.” But only a little.

I love my new ceiling fan.

Having just spent an hour doing anything but writing; having just spent time half-watching “Deal or No Deal” (which is fast becoming the most obnoxious show I’ve ever sort-of seen, whereas before it was more fascinating because it was like watching a car wreck) and half-checking out “Second Life” (which I gave a whirl while writing an article about it, and which is amusing approximately 25% of the time, mostly due to slow rendering issues), I am now going to write.

That is, something other than the blog.

Oddly I keep feeling reluctance. Part because I just haven’t done anything in a while, and part because I have this feeling it just all sucks and there’s really nothing good of value there, so why put your head in the stinky spot, and part something else I can’t even define.

But I’m going there anyway. Wish me luck.