Party time!

After many headaches and some tears, "The Law & Order: SVU Unofficial Companion" got its own party last night, at Rouge Tomate in NYC. We had about 60 people there — including some of the show's recurring or guest actors — and it was quite delicious (who knew dill and cucumber could make such a potent drink?) It was also fairly frenetic. I'm not married, but I sense it was something like that: You got five minutes with everybody, barely got to eat, and if you were lucky someone brought you over a drink. Also, your shoes hurt.

And at the end of the night, you're left thinking: "That was awesome" followed by "I can't speak!" followed by "who RSVP'ed and didn't come?"

And the next morning, you go looking for photos. More can be located here, if you're really, really curious.

EDIT: And even more here!