Of speeches, fishes, and Ethan Hawke

I'm nervous now. Or maybe the better word is anxious.

It's only a minute and a half to two minutes, but I have to stand up in front of a group at a lunch in about a half hour and speechify.

Nothing even really challenging, just a greeting, a thanks from my company, and an enjoy your lunch but naturally I feel like I have to say more than just "kthnkxbye."

So I'm trying a small joke. Which leads into a philosophy about making movies (shallow, not deep) and then into the thank you and good lucks.

I'm crossing fingers they'll have wine before I have to stand up. In front of people. And use my Toastmaster skills. And not go blank.

Wish me luck….


Unrelated: They had a local premiere of "The Hottest State" in Austin last night. So I sent our "local correspondent."


She had a great time, and said they treated her and Larry like they were royalty. She interviewed Ethan Hawke for 15 minutes and said he was very warm and lovely. Then when they finished he said he had to turn his brain off for a while. She rocks!


And finally, even more unrelated:

The newest, bluest member of the family has kicked it. Poor Max.

I seem to do better with mammals.