Notice: Cookies Wouldn’t Hurt, Either

The mysterious kitchen notice-poster at work is at it again.

This was up in another kitchen today, but it's the same floor.

Caveat: I do not work at MSN News. (Despite the recent MSNBC posts.)

While it's hard to disagree that "cookies wouldn't hurt," which can be true in pretty much every situation, I fail to see how the napping at your desk thing works in a kitchen.

Or do you think there's going to be a new company policy soon that gives us juice and snacks and a mat to lay down on around 3pm?

More developments as they become available.

UPDATE: Googling "Cookies wouldn't hurt" sends me to several blogs which have posted a MSN Health & Fitness article, the original of which I can't find, but it appears to reference this study. None of which explains why this is up in my work kitchen.