Mom visits, Part 2

Man, Coney Island was hot yesterday. Not just hot but humid, sticky, oppressive and like a big foot sitting on your face. On the other hand: cotton candy and freaks! I saw a man put a drill bit in his nose!

And afterwards, Mike took us to DiFara's for pizza, which took obscenely long to get (we were warned) but was also obscenely good (though we did also have to hike it back to Queens). A good time had by all.

On the flip side, the second contractor guy is here to do the bathroom. First guy never came back after taking one tile out, leaving a small tub of grout and a sander/flattener kind of tool. So Wayne has been here since eight in the morning removing grout. He took out two tiles and said they're not wet and all we have to do is grout the thing.

I touched the concrete behind the tiles (yes, it's concrete and not quite a flat surface; it covers most of the back of the tile but there's some significant empty space there too behind each tile). It's cool, but not wet. Wayne says it's not wet and that we don't have to re-do the whole thing. FWIW, the folks sending me first Francesco and now Wayne are this place called Spotless. Green-friendly, but we'll see if they actually can do the trick.

Wayne comes back Tuesday to do the actual grouting.