I can’t turn my head for one minute….

Jesus Christ, I'm gone for a week and I lose another set of civil rights I apparently wasn't using anyway.

The order empowers Treasury, in
consultation with the State and Defense Departments, to target those
individuals or organizations that either "have committed, or … pose a
significant risk of committing" acts of violence with the "purpose or
effect" of harming the Iraqi government or hindering reconstruction
efforts. It applies to "U.S. persons," a category including American
citizens. It had not previously been disclosed — and still hasn't —
that U.S. persons are abetting the Iraqi insurgency, nor that Iraqi
insurgents have property in the United States, raising questions about
who in fact the order targets.

"Including American citizens."

I thought I'd locked the doors when I left, but apparently that no longer matters anyway.

Another check to the ACLU, on the way.