Have a little patience


Gah, I say.

So, I sent off the packet to the Murder in the Grove contest a little over a week ago. Their literature said they'd contact me once they received it. But I hadn't heard anything back, and the deadline was approaching, and since I'd sent it priority I thought it was OK to check in.

So I sent a quick query email: Did you get it? Just want to make sure it didn't get lost in the mail.

Got a reply back within hours: Yes, they got it.

I said "thanks" and went on with my life.

Then this morning, I got a reply from the same person — the actual reply to my question.

So now, I'm sure they all think I'm a nervous nellie dork. Which I am, sort of, but it's best not to show your hand. I'm trying to be both enthusiastic and completely emotionally detached, and I think the cognitive dissonance is getting to me.

Must find agents this weekend. (Now that I'm stuck home, I clearly have the time.)