Hand to hand combat

On the one hand ….

Stubb's was closed.

On the other ….

Rudy's was not.


I had ribs. Yay! Burp!

On the one hand …

I dreamed about a young Michael Caine, and we made plans for a dinner date.

On the other hand …

He didn't make it into the real world, so, no ribs for him.

On the one hand ….

My mother stewed all night and after I came back from working out blasted me and her hubby for "touching her stuff" last night (while we packed it away so the furniture could get rearranged). Though she was present for the entire experience, she said we were "sneaky" about it.

On the other ….

I yelled right back. Then was told not to be "fresh." So I told her I was old enough to yell back and if she didn't like it, I'd stay at my brother's tonight. She got over things, more or less pronto, and we went shopping. For more "things" which can't be touched without permission, and maybe not even then. (This store was awesome, and it's nice to go to one of those places with someone who finds The Last Supper After Dinner Mints a funny novelty, rather than something seen in 100 other shops already.)

On the one hand ….

I bought half price Easter Candy: Chocolate Marshmallow delights! (In a match between Russell Stover and Hershey, RS wins, because its shell-to-marshmallow texture ratio is pleasingly complementary.)

On the other….

I didn't buy enough half price marshmallow delights. Woe is me!

Still, overall, a good day.