Confluence (Parsec) 2017

Friday, August 4
6 p.m.
Superhero movies: Why hasn’t the bubble burst?
Commonwealth East
JL Gribble (moderator), Timothy Liebe, Randee Dawn, Dame Dahlia
“Star Wars” initiated a series of Hollywood sf films, and “Halloween” started a craze for slasher films. But in the end, the bubble burst. We’re saturated with superhero movies, television series, and novels. Why hasn’t the bubble burst? Will it burst in the near future?

7 p.m.
Animal Characters in Fantasy Stories
Commonwealth East
Frederic S. Durbin (moderator), Susan Dexter, Elektra Hammond, Mary Soon Lee, Randee Dawn
Animals and mythical creatures play an important role in fantasy, whether we’re talking about horses, owls, dogs, cats, or dragons. Animals can be characters too! What are some favorite creatures for readers and writers? How do we depict them accurately and engagingly? Keep them fresh and interesting? What are some great examples of the use of animals or fantasy creatures stories?

Saturday, August 5
2 p.m.
Marketing Your Work
Eric Beebe (moderator), Susan Dexter, J.D. Barker, Randee Dawn, Jason Jack Miller
A common misconception among authors is that your book is your brand. Wrong! YOU are your brand! So…How do you draw attention to your brand and use it to gather sales? We will show you how to build a great brand!

9 p.m.
Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Come hear me read with other great broads, including Heidi Ruby Miller, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, J.L. Gribble and Christie Meirez.

Sunday, August 6
12 p.m.
The Compleat Villain
Commonwealth East
John Alfred Taylor (moderator), Alan Katerinsky, Timothy Liebe, Christie Meierz, J.D. Barker, Randee Dawn
What makes an antagonist into a true villain? Do they need to be well-rounded? And can a corporation or government agency be a villain, or does an evil nemesis have to have that personal touch?

Bonus! Come see my husband at Confluence/Parsec, too!

Saturday, August 5

11 a.m.
Joke Swap
Ballroom 1
Maury Kestenbaum (leader)
A demonstration of the varieties and uses of jokes.
4 p.m.
Ballroom 1
Concert: Maury Kestenbaum
He’ll be singing many tunes, including one of my all-time faves: “The No Butt Blues.”

Look for me at these panels, and on @randeedawn at Twitter! Hope to see you there!