Blackouts and slippery slopes

Blackout day! Today, several sites around the Internet will be blacking themselves out for 24 hours to bring awareness to SOPA/PIPA, legislation that wants to start the process of muzzling the internet on behalf of corporations. That's a huge generalization, but I've only got a few minutes here. It is funny to think how quickly we've become reliant on things like Wikipedia for information; there was one Twitterer who was amassing all the collective moanings of students saying they wouldn't know how to do their homework without it. Hello: Libraries. We're letting our kids down if the only way they think they can get information is via the internet. The collective hive mind is great and powerful, but only works if we have electricity and a hundred other things going right.

Anyway: Went out of town Friday through Monday. Did my best to eat Paleo by way of the convention food that was available; did bring nuts, dried fruits and real fruit but didn't have a proper refrigerator. The hard-boiled eggs in the staff den were so hard boiled you could have balanced furniture on them; the fruit was excellent, but three days of that is fairly dull. Got a lot of Caesar salads, but even there it's dodgy: No croutons, no cheese, and the dressing is also a no go, so finally I just threw up my hands and did my best. I had one very "off" meal at Redbones (ribs, dontcha know) and that's OK. Then came the cookies. It's a very short slope down to where things had been. That said, I'm back on track and doing well. Really — not so much cravings, as we don't keep that stuff around the house — but if you put cake in front of me I am going to start thinking about it.