A momentary pause between centuries

For a moment, I was back in the 19th Century.

Just sitting at the computer, checking mail, this morning. No traffic sounds, no people sounds, just a nice quiet Queens morning. (For those who don't visit Queens, I promise, it happens.)

And then … the distinct sound of clop-clop, clop-clop. A pleasant, easy sound … clopping. Horses!

I got up and looked outside my window. And there they were, two mounted policemen, their two horses casually walking the wrong way down the one-way side street past my building.

It only took a moment and they were gone, along with the sound, but for a minute I could imagine needing to get into my hoop skirts and bustle this morning, rather than jeans and a T-shirt.

I don't think — whatever form of transportation comes after cars — anyone will ever feel warmly nostalgic towards the sound of the combustible engine internal combustion engine.