A dusting from the Sandman

Well, The Sandman's creator, anyway.

Mike and I went to a screening of "Stardust" on Monday night, and it was darling, with lots of "Princess Bride" touches and some lovely twists in the storytelling that — as Mike points out here in his review — are clearly from the mind of Neil Gaiman, who wrote the comic bookgraphic novel illustrated story. I remember wondering if some of the scenes were very kid-friendly (I personally don't deal with watching bones break well) and Mike insisted they were very cartoony, which is true. So, not for very young kids but if your kids watch "Harry Potter" films, surely this is a breeze. And there's some wonderful scenery and imagery, too. (The soundtrack's extremely overdone, though.) And then there's Robert De Niro doing the can-can … but I say too much.

Anyway, Neil linked to Mike's review today on his blog.

Mike has died in a gone to heaven way, but I think he'll be restored. Way to go, Mikey! And everyone: Be like Neil! Read Mike's reviews!