8.27.15 “All of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.”

Specific and unsundry things I’ve mused on today:

♦ If you’ve read my book, and for right now that is a select group of folks, you’ll perhaps recall the use of the Gaelic word “bod.” Here’s a place it shouldn’t have ended up.

♦ Watching these little kids discover just how wrong dark chocolate tastes (when you’re used to milk) is like watching innocence die.

♦ Today at work, here’s what I concerned myself with:

New words added to the Oxford English Dictionary, including “manic pixie dream girl” and “mkay”

The New Jersey blue house that has neighbors seeing red. As someone who lives across the street from a beer store that recently installed flashing LED lights (after some pestering, they now stop the flashing at 9:30 pm most nights), I empathize with the neighbors. But blue is a nice color!

Make your damn bed! It’ll turn you into a more successful person.

Owen Wilson is not my favorite comedian, but his father is in a slow decline from Alzheimer’s, so that’s hard news. Still, I’m a terrible person because I can’t ever look at him and not think this.

♦ Best post of the day: It was easier to give in than keep running.

“Men have no idea what it takes to be a woman. To grin and bear it and persevere. The constant state of war, navigating the relentless obstacle course of testosterone and misogyny, where they think we are property to be owned and plowed. But we’re not. We are people, just like them.”

♦ Tweet of the day, via Jonathan Carroll: