3.22.19 6 days to go: An ‘Across the Universe’ spotlight on Jody Lynn Nye

In honor of our OMG WE GOT FUNDED NOW LET’S HIT STRETCH GOALS OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS ALSO NOW SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN* excitement for our speculative fiction, alternate universe book of Beatles short stories, Across the Universe, I am spotlighting one of our already-committed authors each day. All of our authors should be committed, but one at a time, please.

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6 Questionable Reasons You Should Meet Jody Lynn Nye, Who May or May Not Be a Writer and Also We Could Have Misinterpreted Things

  1. Jody Lynn Nye pretends to be a writer but her web page clearly lists her as a Cat Spoiler. We are not sure how to spoil a cat; perhaps leaving it out of the refrigerator for a long time is sufficient.
  2. Jody’s novels — there are over 40 of them — and short stories — over 100 — have been both hits, and … mythses. Yes, that was pretty bad. But her talent is wide-ranging and awesome, since she’s able to write about fantasy and military SF. She’s quite well known for collaborating with Robert Lynn Asprin on the MythAdventures series, with book titles that include Myth Alliances and Myth-told Tales. Don’t myth them! I’m really pushing my luck here.
  3. Though she’s from Chicago, we may have once seen her eating a New York style pizza, but this is unverified. And it is sheer speculation that her slice had pineapple and ham on it. We do not urge Chicagoans to act upon this utterly baseless rumormongering.
  4. For Across the Universe, Jody says her story will be about George who is one of the Tetrad of wizards that had been “keeping peace in the world,” but after the band’s split, has gone it alone. “He represents Water, Paul Air, John Fire, and Ringo Earth. “
  5. In her continuing pursuit to convince us she is a writer, Jody has worn a vest that features books and a camouflage set of overalls that read WRITER in bold letters, but we don’t see how this proves anything.
  6. Before she found her calling spoiling cats and acting like having 40 books and 100 stories makes you an author, Jody worked as a bookkeeper, a file clerk, a journalist, a photographer and a costume maker. We hope that when she scribbles words these days, she does so in a beautifully-designed outfit, layered in non-spoiled cat hair.
So she SAYS.

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