3.22.19 3 days and counting: An ‘Across the Universe’ spotlight on Gail Z. Martin

In honor of our OMG WE GOT FUNDED AND WE’RE NEARLY ABLE TO ADD IN ANOTHER STORY FROM OUR STRETCH GOALS AND ALSO NOW SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN* excitement for our speculative fiction, alternate universe book of Beatles short stories, Across the Universe, I am spotlighting one of our already-committed authors each day. All of our authors should be committed, but one at a time, please.

But first, here’s our Kickstarter link! And further, here is our Submissions Link! This book is totally happening, so get your special rewards now — and set us up to include even more stories, before you miss out!

*Depending on when you see the Kickstarter, there will be 3 or 2 days left since the day flips in the middle of it. How inconvenient!

3 Zany Reasons Gail Z. Martin is Zomeone Worth Knowing, One of Which May Be Complete NonZenZe.

  1. In case you hadn’t noticed, the terrific writer Gail Z. Martin has an unusual middle initial. It does not stand for Zachariah, nor did she have anything to do with that classic YA SF book. Instead, she has written her own vast collection of stories and novels. It stands for Zehner, which we have learned is an unincorporated town in rural Saskatchewan, or the value of ten in German, depending on your preference. We just like it because it really stands out, and lends an edge of mystery.
  2. Gail’s story for Across the Universe will envision the Beatles as paranormal investigators, and all we can say is we sure hope nobody gets slimed. Actually, we really do. Especially if it’s John.
  3. In an interview, she once noted that her first story was written when she was 5 and in thrall to the classic bitey soap opera Dark Shadows. It was about a vampire, and we sure would like to read that story someday.
  4. Yes, we know we said 3 things, but we lied. We told you something about this would be NonZenze, and this is it: Gail loves banana cream pie. We have no basis for this accusation. But here it is. Enjoy!
There’s something strange in the neighborhood…

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