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Archive for January 2013

Good news: My writing group is preparing to start meeting again. Bad news: I haven't done any fresh writing since we last met. This should be an incentive, but it keeps feeling like the last Jenga piece you pull before the whole tower collapses in. More later today, possibly.

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How to get lost, on purpose, in your own head

Went hiking yesterday, did about 6 or 7 miles in very light patchy snow up towards Gertrude's Nose in the Mohunk Preserve. Went with a small group of people I didn't know and had some light conversation along the way, but mainly I like to go hiking to be in my own head, and I…

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Something for the weekend

Off to the Arisia con up in Boston this weekend; stop on by if you're in town. Will be doing a reading from some piece of fiction (not totally decided yet), moderating and appearing on panels and, if I'm very lucky, selling a few books at the Fantastic Books booth (thanks, Ian!) Yes, there will…

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Talking with De Niro, and what you leave at the door

And then, sometimes, the interviews you expect to be the toughest are — if not, say, the easiest — at least go more easily than you expect. Interviewing someone is exciting, but I recognize it's a challenge for the person being interviewed, unless they're on autopilot. The one time I was interviewed was fairly stressful,…

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Seem a little off this morning; forgot to put on my FitBit (long story there) to work out, and haven't had caffeine. Will try and post a little later once the brain is back up to running speed. That said, watched a segment (while working out) on free divers. Amazing stuff, holding your breath over…

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Awards Season adrenaline rush: Thank you, Joan Cusack

One of the reasons I got into journalism originally was the newsroom rush. You've seen it — on just about every Hollywoodization of how a TV news or newspaper room works; the hollering, the deadlines, the last-minute frenetic typing or calling of sources, the figuring things out in the moment, and making things happen that…

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