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Archive for December 2006


The cubicle A photo of my cubicle at work, taken with the cell, emailed by the cell. All to test things out, mind you. I could get used to this modern technology, you know?

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What she said

Advice Goddess Amy Alkon recently tried to hire an assistant. She got a recent journalism school graduate. As a journalism graduate myself, she has my sympathies. Amy wrote: So…the girl was a journalism student, and her clips were okay, but I learned (when it was too late) that she apparently studied only journalism in college…

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That’s a dragon, not a chicken

Adventure Okay, so this brings back memories. It's Atari's little "Adventure" game, recreated as a Flash file you can play in your browser. I think it probably even has the Easter Eggs, though the only time I tried to find one my browser quit. (Firefox 2.0 is not impressing me these days.) What I do…

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The month in pictures

Ho, Ho, Ho So: Yikes. December happened, and it wasn't blogged. Whatever shall we do? Move on. Today, Cameron and I did one of the few remaining things I haven't done in ten years in New York City — went and sat on Santa's lap in Macy's. We're both suffused with David Sedaris and his…

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Name that thing!

Thing from the sea So, when we were in Tampa for the cousin's wedding, Craig, Kris, Syd, Mom and me all hit the beach for about an hour or so. Enough time to get wet, get sandy, make a Nemo sandcastle, and for Syd to get sand in her eyes twice and have a hysterical…

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A jolly holiday

Holiday greetings So, I went to "The Holiday" the other night. One of those opening night movie premiere type things which are quite a way for a studio to spend money, quite a way to get some nice nosh, quite a way to see a movie for free and — if you're super lucky, quite…

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