Angels of the Meanwhile

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Angels of the Meanwhile is an e-chapbook/anthology to benefit Elizabeth R. McClellan (@popelizbet) and is now available for purchase! For more about her story, go here.

I am honored to be placed among such vaunted names as Swordspoint‘s Ellen Kushner and The Bone SwansC.S.E. Cooney. And Long Hidden editor Rose Fox is contributing editing efforts, which means these stories sparkle as well as shine. Mine also might be the sole non-genre story, though I think its subject matter does qualify as paranormal — or at least part of the tall-tale section of folklore.

“We have fairies and fauns, we have love and loss, we have grief and growth, we have mermaids and sirens, we have dragons and firebirds, we have night hags and gorgons, and far, far more,” writes Alexandra Erin.

The book will be delivered as a collection of formats: Kindle, other e-book readers and a PDF.

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