On a B road heading for the sea

Heading out of town this weekend, going up to Boston. Nice thing about the train is you can pack extra food and not worry about whether anything's going to be considered "liquid" or a "gel." I've made some more of the awesome Caveman Crunch (civilizedcavemancooking.com/grain-free-goodies/caveman-crunch/) and have dried fruit and real fruit and am taking salad. If all goes well we're supposed to have an empty fridge in the room. When you're staying in a hotel not just to sleep but to do most of your activities for three days, pre-packing seems to make sense. This will be the longest I'll be away from home since starting Paleo (not saying much, it only being Jan. 13 (Happy Luck Day!) but still.

The one "open" meal I'm allowing myself (we get three each week but it just hasn't seemed too necessary at this point) will be on Sunday, when we hit Redbones in Somerville. You can't keep me away from ribs forever! But as to the open meals: What I've decided at this stage (at least until we see how the scale is registering) is that rather than go a whole meal, something like salad dressing is something I'm going to leave open at the moment. It's a small amount, I don't use full-fat/sugar/what have you ones anyway, and the dressings Paleo provides that I've tried are thus far pretty wretched, with short shelf lives. So that's something I think is OK.

And that's my navel-gazing for today. On to Boston, where updates are less likely!