The Astounding Outpost: Zombie Tales

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Title: The Astounding Outpost: Zombie Tales
Release Date: November 13, 2017
Pages: 295
ISBN13: 978-1973194941



The good folks at The Astounding Outpost re-published my short story "Can't Keep a Dead Man Down" online, and in this otherwise new all-zombie collection of short stories. Arise from your crypt and grab it before it grabs you! Dead serious: there’s some flesh-rottingly good stuff in here.



"As a George Romero fan, and fan of The Walking Dead, I’m digging it!"



Dark and hot and crowded and oh my god I want to move but I can't, stuck inside this dream I'm not awake and not asleep. I know exactly where I am and it's a warm, sticky place where I'm thinking about writing so my hand is twitching like there's a pen in it but my eyes won't open and it's dark and I keep squirming and thinking I'm going to wake up wake up wake up –

I'm up. Awake. I think.

Voices. Muffled, strained. Sounds I know but they're both distant and near, the way I was both asleep and awake. Coming through layers of cotton, of wool, of – something moist. Heavy and moist.

Hell if I know what they're saying.

Deja-vu like I never felt before. This wave just came over me, been here, done this, leave a good looking corpse ha ha. Better than vuja-de, like George Carlin would've said, that feeling that none of this has ever happened before. Ha. Ha.

Laugh riot, that's me, just woke up and I'm cracking the old ones. Cracking bones.

Ugh, but it's a bad morning, something's sitting on top of me and it's so goddamned dark in this room, as if my eyes are open but they're not 'cause there's many comforters on top of me. That'd be par for the course, that's Sheila all the way for you, one degree below 60 and she's got hypothermia, grew up in Florida and no tolerance, so it's like sleeping next to a mummy with all her blankets and heating pads and body pillows.

Wrapped up so tight when we want to screw I gotta unpeel her like a banana to get to the meat, if you know what I mean.

I think you know what I mean.