Soul Scream Antholozine, Vol. 1

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Title: Soul Scream Antholozine, Vol. 1
Published by: Seamus and Nunzio Productions, LLC
Release Date: June 16, 2023
Contributors: Christopher Ryan (Editor), Robert Masterson, Randee Dawn, Teel James Glenn, Kathleen Scheiner, Marc L. Abbott, Alex Simmons, Rebecca Cuthbert, Ef Deal, Bobby Nash
Pages: 216
ISBN13: 978-1732535503


WELCOME to a celebration of the lighter side of horror, where the most versatile genre in lit mixes stories of psychological suspense, adventure, cultural myths, rock’n’roll, creeping terror, folk magic, ghosts, fantasy, and updated classic monsters for you to feast on. Add to that in-depth author profiles, horror pop culture essays, and a great big ol’ fan interview, and you got yourself a portable horror convention, a fistful of fun for your imagination.

Praise for SOUL SCREAM Antholozine, Volume 1

“A phenomenal debut! A powerful, eclectic package of fiction, non-fiction, and commentary, Soul Scream Antholozine delivers great reading paired with a deep dive into what makes authors tick in an exciting new format.”
–James Chambers, Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of On the Night Border and On the Hierophant Road.

“Editor Christopher Ryan sprinkles interesting characters into the premiere issue of Soul Scream Antholozine (anthology + magazine), much like the Crypt-Keeper, to guide the reader through some terrific horror content featuring strong women. The stories themselves are fierce, with interesting essays on works in the horror genre mixed in. Check it out!”
- Carol Gyzander, Bram Stoker Award® finalist

“Living up to its mash-up of a title, Soul Scream Antholozine is a mix of great stories by some of the brightest scribes in the game. On top of that, instead of quick blurbs about the contributors, you get full blown interviews and insights that bring the reading experience to a whole other level. So many anthologies get thrown together, especially in this genre, but this was clearly painstakingly curated. Absolutely superb!”
-Steven Van Patten- Award Winning Horror Writer and Tequila Enthusiast


Originally published in Dim Shores, "Rough Beast, Slouching" made award-winning editor Ellen Datlow's long list of Best Horror of 2022.



From "Rough Beast, Slouching," by Randee Dawn

"We're making a video tonight, so everybody act like this is the biggest damn concert of your life. Act like Elvis took the stage."

"That would be unpleasant," a firm, insinuating voice next to me purred.

Not Kay. Definitely not Scott. Or Jordan. My mouth went dry again and I wondered what had happened to Kay's lollipop. I slid a glance to the voice.

It was the woman from the other side of the room, the one playing tonsil hockey with Jordan a few seconds ago. Her arms were gently folded, hip cocked to one side. I wasn't sure if the laws of physics permitted her to get across the room as fast as she had, but I couldn't argue with facts.

"Unpleasant?" I croaked.

"Well," she said in a clear, lilting voice. "If Mr. Elvis Aaron Presley were here, he'd be in a rather rotten state. Even a fat man like him couldn't last long after more than four decades underground."

"How the hell did you get over –"

"I go where I like," she smiled up at me. That needle appeared in my brain, a soft, sliding invasion. When she blinked, I got an up-close look at those unsettling eyes. An earthly, pulsing green. Like moss, or fungus. Something that grows over dead things and consumes them.

"Greetings, Nevada Sullivan," she said.

"How –" I stuttered again.

"You may call me Sheerie," she said, a name that reminded me of gauzy things – and oddly, of Ma. "Now, hush."