Halloween Frights & Autumn Delights

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Title: Halloween Frights & Autumn Delights: A Fantasia Divinity Anthology
Published by: Fantasia Divinity
Release Date: October 31, 2020
Contributors: A.R Dean, AR Johnston, Amber M. Simpson, Andra Dill, Bianca Dust, Chandler Warren, Cindar Harrell, Claire Davon, Connor Sassmannshausen, Curtis A. Deeter, D.M. Burdett, David A.F. Brown, Dawn DeBraal, E. Jarzembski, Erica Schaef, G. Allen Wilbanks, Gabriella Balcom, Hayley Arrington, J. A. Skelton, Jacek Wilkos, Joel R Hunt, Joshua D Taylor, Kaustubh Nadkarni, Kelly Matsuura, Maggie D Brace, Matthew M. Montelione, McKenzie Richardson, N.M. Brown, Nerisha Kemraj, Olivia Arieti, Paul D. Benkendorfer, R.A. Goli, R. C. Capasso, Rainie Zenith, Randee Dawn, Rhiannon Bird, Rick Haynes, Sammi Cox, Sandy Butchers, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Wendy Arrington, Ximena Escobar, Zoey Xolton
Pages: 142

 Halloween is here! It's time to bring out the ghosts and goblins, the spooks and sweets. What can go wrong on the spookiest night of the year? But among the frights of Halloween is the beauty of the autumn season. It's time for the harvest, for giving thanks and blessings. Celebrate the frights and delights of the season with this anthology filled with 131 drabbles, featuring over 40 authors!