Another World: Stories of Portal Fantasy

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Title: Another World: Stories of Portal Fantasy
Published by: Summerstorm Press
Release Date: June 2021
Contributors: Abigail Linhardt, Katie Jordan, Helen Mihajlovic, Brenda Morris, Randee Dawn, Ken Grant, Miranda Morrissey, KN Nguyen, Elana Gomel, Kate Seger

 In these 11 stories of portal fantasy, follow adventurous protagonists into the woods, through a mysterious locked door, or hide in a seemingly innocent supply closet. Each unique story takes characters out of their world and into another where they will discover their strengths and destinies in strange and enigmatic worlds.

My story, "The Way Is Clear," is featured.

Available at Summerstorm Press.

From "The Way Is Clear":


Lexi skids in the powder and stumbles, nocked arrow catching in the ground and snapping in two. Shaking, she hits herself on the side of her head. Useless, she hears Daddy's voice. A useless girl in this world.

In the space where the deer vanished stands a collection of birches, seven arranged in a half-circle around a snowless patch of brown pine needles. A soft light with no source emanates from the center of the copse, as if the trees themselves are glowing. A figure slips from behind one tree, a thin ancient thing unfurling like a scroll of parchment.

Lexi raises her bow again, arms trembling. The broken arrow falls from the string.

"Ye won't shoot me?" the thing asks, raising his dark hands.  "Wouldnae be sportin'."