Zombie Tales (The Astounding Outpost Presents Book 1)

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The good folks at The Astounding Outpost re-published my short story “Can’t Keep a Dead Man Down” online, and in this new all-zombie collection of short stories. As the description says:

Zombies, Biters, Walkers, and the Wasted have taken many forms over the years. The Astounding Outpost has gathered together twenty-two of the best zombie stories ever, from established authors like Mel Odom, and Gregory Norris to up-and-coming ones like Kayla Brown and Mike Isbill. Whether you want a traditional tales of unread flesh eaters, Zombies on a Space Station, or a noir-styled zombie mystery you can find them all and more in the pages of Zombie Tales. 220 pages that would make George Romero proud.

Arise from your crypt and grab it before it grabs you! Dead serious: there’s some flesh-rottingly good stuff in here.