Fantasia Divinity: The Visitors

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My story, “The Visitors” is the lead tale in the latest issue of Fantasia Divnity magazine, originally published July 2017. I’m published alongside authors including Mary E. Lowd, Rob Butler, and Brooke Reynolds.

“The Visitors” makes use of characters from my first (pending publication) novel, The Only Song Worth Singing, and places them in a future context.


“Tell me a tale,” I demanded of Máthair every night. I was a child, impatient and fretful. If I didn’t ask, she might forget.


“Tá go leor agam,” she always whispered back. I have many.


Tales tumbled from Ma’s mouth like ripe fruit from a summer tree. She would pierce each one open with her voice, sending words flowing like juice, and me there to drink in every drop. I received my sweet portion at bedtime as part of the tuck-in ritual, but I had to wait in the near-dark, burrowed and warm under one of her misshapen crocheted throws until she was ready.


Eventually my bedroom door would swing wide and she’d stand in the in-between, a shadow blocking the hallway light. She would cross into my world, closing the door behind her and leaving us illuminated by nothing more than my nightlight – a ceramic fairy resting on her knees, head bowed, hands cupped in her lap. The fairy’s wings pulsed with thin shifting colors.


Ma would turn to English then, which I understood better. “Have you collected all my tales yet, Fianna?”
“I’m trying,” I’d insist.


She’d loop one of my dark unruly strands of hair around her fingers then, and tug gently. “Well,” she’d say. “I must give you some more.”

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