Children of a Different Sky: Projects of Earth

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They change their sky, not their soul, who rush across the sea.

Children of a Different Sky: Projects of Earth is an anthology of twelve stories and two poems of power and powerlessness, of tragedy, of courage, of loss, of love, of regrets and of never looking back, of transition and transcendence. Twelve tales and two poems about the things that people fight to take with them when they are forced to run, and about the things they will never forgive themselves for leaving behind. From the fantasy worlds of merfolk and witches to the almost-real worlds of people who are almost just like us, these are stories to touch everyone’s heart … and a book which will go on to help those who are living similar stories every day.  (Text borrowed from the project’s Kickstarter.)

The anthology includes these stories:

  • Song For An Immigrant – Jane Yolen
  • At The Crossroads Of Shadow And Bone – Aliette de Boddard
  • River of Stars – Seanan McGuire
  • The Natural Order – Irene Radford
  • The Pillars – Gregory L. Norris
  • Heroes – Brenda Cooper
  • The Notice – Joyce Reynolds-Ward
  • Can’t Find My Way Home – Randee Dawn
  • The Horse Head Violin – Jacey Bedford
  • The Bones of Our Ancestors, the Blood of Our Flowers – Alma Alexander
  • How Can You Tell Me? – Nora Saroyan
  • Into The Wind – Marie Brennan
  • Forever Boy – Patricia MacEwen
  • This Desert Is The Place – Jane Yolen

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