• Q&A: For Kyle Chandler and ‘Catch-22,’ it’s about finding humanity in the absurdity

    L.A. Times Envelope6/19/19

    Know why executive producer George Clooney wanted Kyle Chandler to play the obsessive Col. Cathcart in Hulu’s remake of “Catch-22”? Simple: “Kyle is Jimmy Stewart in everything he does,” says Clooney. “There’s not a moment that you feel like he’s not telling you the truth.”

    Hard to argue: Chandler has charmed audiences for more than 30 years in “Early Edition” and “Friday Night Lights,” often as the Everyman protagonist. But as Cathcart, he’s not the guy to root for — as much as the 53-year-old actor may want you to. The Envelope spoke to Chandler — who conducted the interview straddled across a flipped-around chair, affably leaning on the backrest — about finding humanity in absurdity and how “The Graduate” literally drove him toward acting.

    This article was published alongside his Catch-22 co-star Christopher Abbott’s profile, here.

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