• Neil Gaiman promised a dying friend he’d carry ‘Good Omens’ forward

    L.A. Times Envelope6/28/19

    Neil Gaiman has thrived for decades on entertainment’s fringe, crafting novels (“American Gods”), comics (“The Sandman”) and YA books (“Coraline”) about gods, monsters and parents with button eyes. But as he stood in Times Square recently, promoting Amazon Prime’s adaptation of “Good Omens” (co-written with the late Terry Pratchett), it seemed a tectonic shift had occurred. There he was, surrounded by satanic nuns singing Queen songs (watch “Omens” for context) and massive billboards promoting the show, wondering just how all this happened.

    The Envelope chatted with the tousled, black-clad, 58-year-old in charge of one of TV’s more creatively quirky endeavors to help puzzle it all out.

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