• Christopher Abbott brings an old-school vibe to his ‘Catch-22′ hero

    L.A. Times Envelope6/19/19

    If Christopher Abbott looks like he’s acting, then he’s not doing it right. At least, according to Abbott.

    “Peter Falk is someone I could watch for hours on end, because watching him is electric,” says the Brooklyn-based star of Hulu’s new adaptation of “Catch-22.” “A certain kind of filmmaking that was being done in the ’70s with John Cassavetes and Falk and Gena Rowlands — it doesn’t feel like acting. I’m drawn to that. As an audience, it’s scary to watch because of how real it feels, and that’s always the goal.”

    This article was published alongside Catch-22 co-star Kyle Chandler’s Q&A, here.

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