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Archive for December 2015

12.31.15 ‘Last stop’

We’ve been hanging in the woods. This is the first day we’ve seen sun. Birdie has taken to the woods like she was born to them. And being a West Highland Terrier, she certainly is made for a slightly more rugged terrain than our living room. Watching her plug her little nose to the ground…

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12.30.15 ‘He moves like God’s immaculate machine’

We’ve gotten away from it all to end the year, and we’ve brought the dog. Birdie came to us in April from — as we were told — a foster rescue situation with an elderly couple in Tennessee. The couple, who reportedly live in a rural area, were ailing and could no longer take care…

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12.22.15 ‘They’re both a little unhinged’

Rupert Friend - LAT -2015

Peter Quinn has long been a favorite of mine. I wrote about him here, in a column from October 2014, as one of TV’s most interesting secondary characters. I like the ones who aren’t precisely second bananas or sidekicks, who have significant roles but who don’t necessarily propel the plot — and therefore can be much more interesting than your average hero or anti-hero. I love Doug Stamper on House of Cards; I love — loved– Peter Quinn on Homeland.

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12.19.15 ‘Put a sprinkle on your nose, on your nose’

I met Julia when I was in 6th grade, and we’re still being goofy together some (mumble mumble) years later. Today she had me (and some fellow amazing friends) over to tackle the singularly difficult building of the Taj Mahal … in shortbread. And sprinkles. And frosting. I was unable to stay for the completion…

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12.11.15 ‘We hope our friends will carry us a little on this journey’

We all have causes and hobbies that are near and dear to our hearts. Some of us even fantasize that those causes and hobbies might even become remunerative, because they are also living alongside our dreams. In the case of writers, we’re definitely hoping that the thing we most want to do in our lives turns into something we can do every day of our lives, sans at least some of the other stuff we have to do to pay the bills.

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