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Archive for April 2014

Katy Perry is not an anti-Semite. Probably.

I don't wander out in the world looking to get offended. If you go out looking for a fight, a fight will find you. But sometimes you don't have to look. That said, I have to ask: Katy Perry, really? For those who may not know, Katy Perry has a video coming out Thursday in…

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Why I will not be killing my treadmill desk

It happened today. I sat down in my elevated desk chair, in front of my elevated desk (probably about four, four and a half feet off the floor) and pulled out my retractable keyboard rest and began working at my computer. And I thought, "Now this is what I wanted." Getting here has taken time.…

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Serving up lamb in a rare, delightfully nasty way

One of these days I'll write a longer post about the joys of discovering the fiction Roald Dahl wrote for adults, rather than children (most of us only know him by his "Matilda" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" books). It's twisty, detailed, tightly-written and often delightfully nasty. But for now, I'll send you to…

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Dune, the dessert planet

I have fallen off the posting wagon, not for lack of things to say, but time to say them in. So in honor of my recent "Dune" posting, I'll just leave you with this. "Dune," in gummi worms. It is, as one wag in the comments notes, a dessert planet. Be back anon.  

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Pacing 101: The Walking Dead, and how not to end a season

UPDATE: Long term fans of "How I Met Your Mother" may also be experiencing bouts of pacing whiplash. I didn't watch the series except hither and thither and liked the ending, but I'm not invested in it. Either way, this article makes points I'm also making here: Too much, too late, ruins things. (Hey, spoilers…

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