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Archive for January 2012

Blackouts and slippery slopes

Blackout day! Today, several sites around the Internet will be blacking themselves out for 24 hours to bring awareness to SOPA/PIPA, legislation that wants to start the process of muzzling the internet on behalf of corporations. That's a huge generalization, but I've only got a few minutes here. It is funny to think how quickly…

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On a B road heading for the sea

Heading out of town this weekend, going up to Boston. Nice thing about the train is you can pack extra food and not worry about whether anything's going to be considered "liquid" or a "gel." I've made some more of the awesome Caveman Crunch ( and have dried fruit and real fruit and am taking…

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Open meal decisions

Week two of the Paleo! That makes it sound more exciting than it is. Though seriously, it's not a bad food program to be on; I'm not really craving bread or chocolate. I'm certainly not over either of those things; I'd have a slice of challah and butter in a second if I didn't think…

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On the road to feeling normal

Day five! Feeling a whole lot better today. I'm still not going to say 100%, but almost entirely back to normal. Not sleepy, not nauseous, not anything out of the ordinary. So M was correct: Not a flu. Hurrah! Benefits thus far: I always sleep well, but sleeping just great. Nice and deep, rarely up.…

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Short (not really) and sweet (not at all)

Keeping things short today: Definitely feeling better, but I still won't say 100%. Last night, I told M that I was running a low-grade fever (went as high as 99.6, which considering I'm usually 97-ish is high for me) and he said that's all part of the process. So if I turn out to have…

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Ick fades, yearning rises

While it seems unlikely anyone is reading this, I am endeavoring to be consistent! Here we are on Day 3 of the Paleo. Most of the icky feeling is gone, though I feel a teensy bit queasy. Also beginning to long for some cheese and bread. But thus far: It is true that you aren't…

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Day two: Aches, no fever, not much sleep.

Day two, trying to change the way I eat via Paleo Diet. Seriously wasn't that hungry yesterday at all, but I noticed: 1) When I had a cup of soda I got a headache. 2) Toward the end of the day, just before bed, I got all achy and grippe-y like I was having a…

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Just like starting over

Well, it's the start of the year, which means one of several things are going on: 1) I'm trying to blog regularly again or 2) I'm trying a new form of diet. Surprise! It's both. We'll see how long each lasts; I have lots of intention and not always good follow-through. But in the effort…

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