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Archive for June 2008

Four things that happened today

Number 1: I joined Facebook. I know, I caved. Now I have more things to waste my time than ever before!Number 2: I became art. Thanks to LeendaDLL, for the idea! Number 3: I learned that the monster you make up is always more scary than the real-live thing. (I had to tell my boss…

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Such a little lady

She's got legs Am I the only one who thinks my dog's legs, crossed daintily in the back as she gnaws on a rawhide chew up front, are the most adorable/funniest things in the world? Probably. They won't make it on Cute Overload, I'm sure, but they're just darlin' to me.

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Headline of the day: "Everything seemingly is spinning out of control" Oh, my lord, hit the decks and grab your heads, because we're in deep shit now: The Associated Press done said so. Get a grip. (via Lileks)

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Train Pie!

Train Pie! So last night, Rose had a birthday. And she had a gathering of friends – slash – party – slash – jaunt out to deepest Queens to the most amazing spa place in the world. But before that, there was pie. A whole group of us got together at Grand Central Terminal for…

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In the stars and ourselves

Ringed thing Reason No. 4298b that I love New York: Went to see Shakespeare in the Park tonight at the Delacorte; the theater for those who don't know, is in the middle of Central Park. Tickets are free, you just have to line up for a long time — or get invited to the gala,…

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Review: The Great Cupcake Pan

The Great Cupcake Pan Had me a slice o' cupcake tonight. Now, that's not being overly frugal or diet-conscious. Thanks to Williams-Sonoma's Great Cupcake Pan, the entire world I knew before this weekend has been completely upended. On the one hand, cupcakes are meant to be small. Portable. Snacky. On the other, for cupcake freaks…

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This is not my beautiful house

Road to Nowhere Hey, so Loud Boy is back. Not sure what the context was, but I overheard this today: Loud Boy (on the phone with a colleague): … Yeah, it was pretty exciting, Bloomberg was there, so was Lance Armstrong — Colleague (who I can hear because they're sitting nearby): Yeah, so was David…

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Sun Shower

Yer all wet They say a sun shower is good luck, but it's darn hard to photograph. You can see the patch of sun on the asphalt, and if you zoom in on the blue car you can see the rain fall. A nice break from the tropical heat in Jackson Heights today, and Bette…

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What I’ve been up to

Lording it over everyone else I’m one of those people who has a definitive answer if you ask what my favorite movie of all time is: “The Philadelphia Story.” This isn’t one of those calculated-to-be-cool answers; I didn’t go through the algorithms of: old picture (good)+legendary actors starring (good)+not the obvious choice (i.e. Casablanca, Citizen…

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Shave and a haircut, too hot

Arrr, she is a fine tradition we have here in Jackson Heights: The cutting of the hair of the dog. Just in time for the temps to hit 100, Ciara got herself all shaved off on Friday after almost a year without a groom. (I know, I know, but it's more than I pay for…

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