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Archive for April 2008

Happiness is….

A galaxy of delights Getting four bars of Galaxy chocolate sent to you as a surprise from England. You rule, Weegoddess! Nom nom nom nom…..

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Lowering my prohibitions

Growing up in Maryland, we had crabs. We had Ocean City, we had bragging rights to Washington D.C., and we had crabs. What I was too young to realize was that we also had John Waters. Until I saw "Hairspray" (the movie) in the theaters, with mom. She hadn't grown up in Baltimore, but she…

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Trees, Matzo and Killer Whales … oh my!

First a little housekeeping: Spring has sprung Bette has bloomed! (Also, those keeping track will notice that the tree fairy returned post-planting and gave my little sapling a frame of stones.) Yay for Bette surviving the winter. Next: What “Well Told Tales” loved, “Alfred Hitchcock Magazine” was less than charmed by. I got a form…

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Home safe, butt kicked. Film at 11.

Out cold Whew, just back from another Texas trip. Never even saw Austin. In three days I hit: Pflugerville, Gruene (pronounced "Green" but you know we had fun calling it "Groin"), Round Rock, and Sea World. My niece Sydney (at left) may in fact have been more tired post-Shamu (and really, is there more tired…

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Sign of the times

Love on the Rocks Since getting the TiVo thing I have, I watch virtually no show in realtime. I mean, why? But tonight is the "Rock of Love 2" finale. And not that I care who wins (Ambre) but I know the getting there will be hilarious and raunchy. As it's been all season. So…

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Without supervision

For the record: I have no kids. But I love "Supernanny." When I watch it, I'm simultaneously reminded why I'm glad I don't have kids, and saddened that these clearly overwhelmed people are the ones raising the next generation. But then Supernanny comes in and puts a few babies in the corner and writes up…

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What sound does the peacock make?

Austin Zoo Entrance So, two Novembers ago, I was down in Texas for Thanksgiving. Craig, my SIL Kris and their then-onliest-child Sydney and I went to the Austin Zoo. Now, bear in mind, I was accustomed to the Washington, D.C. zoo, and the Bronx Zoo. They were enormous metropolitan monstrosities with attendance to match, particularly…

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Yesterday, my Google Calendar had a new link at the top of it, and I clicked through. But it took me to a 404 page. Which seemed rather disorganized of them. Today, both my Google Calendar and my gMail had new links: Google Alarm and this: Custom Time I kind of glossed over the first…

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