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Archive for March 2008

Temptation, the sequel

Make it big Well, I know how I'm spending my federal rebate check: From one George to another… And based on the ticket prices, I'm going to need every penny. But I missed Wham and any solo tours back in the day, so it's payback time. I want to shake my shimmy at Madison Square…

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I scream Memo to whoever has left two quarts of peanut-butter flavored ice cream untouched in the company freezer for the past week: I am not made of stone. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Home again, home again

Better than one At left, the latest in the continuing selection of "Two Heads Together" photos. This is what happens: SXSW is such a huge, overwhelming event with so much going on at all hours that the idea of blogging it is just insane. Some people appear to have more than 24 hours in a…

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South By Interlude

Right. So. About to drop over from too-much-movie-itis (I know, boo fuckin' hoo), and will hopefully have something useful to say next week about the craziness that is SXSW, but in the meanwhile: My record at not voting for viable candidates stands. As I noted a few weeks ago, I've never backed the winning horse…

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Messin’ time is here

Busier than a one-armed paper hanger Dear Publicists, I am closed for any further contact about South By Southwest 2008. My dance card is so full my feet are broken. I am entertaining any offers to drive me to the airport tomorrow morning, however. AT SIX. Hatty For those who have an interest, I'll be…

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