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Archive for January 2008

In which a 70+ year old man makes things better

OK, much less crankypants for two reasons: 1) Less than an hour before I leave 2) Just had an amazing chat with Harlan Ellison. He's the subject of a new documentary called "Dreams With Sharp Teeth," which will screen at South By Southwest (SXSW) where I'll be in early March. Here is the knock-knock joke…

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Unhappy camper

I'm at the start of my monthly visitor cycle. This manifests itself in many ways, and today it is taking the form of general crankpantsness. Generally, what happens is it's like scratching a sore place which, on normal days, is a mild irritant but today feels like a gaping wound inflicted by that monster from…

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The crucible of Gallery 1988

One in a continuing series of reasons why I never have any spare cash: Dying here…. I have an unslakeable (is that a word?) lust for Luke Chueh's adorable, hilarious, yet grim paintings. I have not been able to afford a real one, but I do have some glicees giclees. (Specifically the bunny one with…

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Special recipe

We're going here for dinner on Friday to celebrate a friend's birthday. A snapshot from their Web page: Cubana And I'm sort of left wondering how this particular phrasing came about. (Read the red-word paragraph.) I mean, did a customer really once come to their restaurant having seen the original version of the Web site…

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Oh, Heathcliff….

Oh, my word. My flying buddy Heath Ledger seems to be dead. Manhattan hotel room apartment building. Appears to have hanged himself taken pills. Bad news. More no doubt to come. EDIT: For the morbid, here's info on the apartments in the building where he was found.

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Big leagues, baby, big leagues

I've been pretty fortunate: I've convinced editors to publish my short stories before. Here, here and a few other places I can't locate right now. All online. And all unpaid. Which, yeah, okay, recognition is nice, but recognition minus actual payment still leaves an amateur taste in the mouth. I mean, your mom could publish…

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World’s end

io9 has messed up my day. It's way too unnerving to watch a trailer for "Doomsday" here…. Then moments later read this article, which reads in part: The bacteria appear to be transmitted most easily through intimate sexual contact, but can spread through casual skin-to-skin contact or contact with contaminated surfaces. The scientists are concerned…

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A different take on human rights

From Ezra Levant’s blog: In February of 2006, the Western Standard magazine, of which I was publisher, reprinted the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. We were immediately hit with two “human rights complaints”. These are a strange species of lawsuit, inimicable to Western liberal traditions of rule of law and freedom of speech. A real court…

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Past Deadline Post: A Store Grows in Williamsburg

Hi folks — in addition to posting here I often have items up at the Past Deadline blog. Here's one that should be of particular interest to foodies and New Yorkers alike: All about Urban Rustic, the new organic grocery store in Williamsburg. Click on over!

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A comment on today’s top news story

I know the final final final results aren't in just yet, and I'm not 100% sure who I'm voting for (and at the moment I can't recall if I'm even registered with a party, though I think I am), but I'm glad to be living in a time where the battle over who won the…

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