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Archive for December 2007

The Multiplex Weekend Begins

The cinema is open These are the movies. The movies I got sent over the last few weeks as part of the run-up to Oscar nominations. These are the films that need to be watched. Last night. Today. Tomorrow. We will attempt to tackle the movies. Along with lots of lovely food. And a deep…

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Video: The Great Mystery

With all the stuff I need to do this week, making a short video was not on the list. And yet, an inside joke over Thanksgiving has now created a monster. Probably nobody else will get it but me and Mike, but there you are. Please to enjoy “The Great Mystery.” Also available on Google…

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Christmas in Connecticut

Oink Hello to all! Happily ensconced in North Branford, CT and have been since yesterday afternoon. Mike is downstairs making pizza (with bacon!) while his mom is upstairs making every known combination of fish and sauce in the Western hemisphere, and his sister is doing something wild with mushrooms and vegetarian food. The house smells…

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Can I has savior?

Oh, aye, 'tis a fine lad ye have there Things are busy now, and an announcement about my BFF status with Dick Wolf is imminent, but until I have anything definite in that area, please to enjoy …. The Cavalcade of Bad Nativities! Brought to you by the fine, funny folks at Going Jesus. Head…

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All by mysElf….

Nice tights All right, people, I'm not made of stone. I went and drank the Office Max Kool-Aid and here are the results. Prepare to shield your eyes and hide the children. Also, here's one for Larry and Mom, because I know they'll never get around to making one of their own. Please to enjoy.…

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Legendary marketing decisions of the day

He's the man! So, I went to see "I Am Legend" with about 3,000 other screaming New Yorkers on Tuesday night. Liked it, not a whole lot but a whole lot more than Mike did. Can we start the countdown now to Will Smith's conversion to Scientology? Because he's hanging out with Tom Cruise way…

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The tree fairy!

At this time of year, everyone's thinking about what might get left under their tree. Me, I actually got a tree! Well, me and the rest of the Jackson Heights neighborhood. I heard this tremendous drilling sound outside this morning while getting ready for work and discovered they were digging up the sidewalk. Who knows…

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Colors of the seasons

From this morning: Our first snowfall of the year: All the leaves are … green Without the leaves even finished turning. Global warming, anyone? So we went to brunch: The folks who brunch And then my face exploded from being so red. I think that's global warming, too.

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