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Archive for October 2007

Lawyer, please! (And an indexer, too)

A quick shout-out to the community there: Anyone know of a book-rights lawyer who can do a simple read and interpret of a nonfiction book contract? I've got one and I'd like to make sure we're not getting screwed. I've also been told by our agent that you don't even bother putting something like publicity…

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Halloween cupcakes: The first batch

These were harder to do than they looked! But tasty, too. My fingers are all multicolored and smudged from where the icing melted a bit there. Anyway, as promised back here, with the Mandala O' Candy (sounds like a porn name) I have now designed several cupcakes for tomorrow's gathering. (The big gathering remains on…

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Getting ahead with Ciara

I've been working on a Dia de los Muertos skull pinata for Saturday's party. It's a paper mache thing, and it's still got the balloon inside keeping it filled, so I dangle it upside down while it's drying from the latest coat of gluewater. Ciara has finally taken notice. Ciara Meets The Skull You can't…

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O keyboardist, where art thou?

O keyboardist, where art thou? There may be a few things worse than having to sit at home and wait for Nick Rhodes to call you, but after a whole day of hanging around for this, I'm kind of over it. Plus, I have laundry downstairs that needs collecting. Life is truly a collection of…

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Early warning shot

Nothing is signed. And for the past five years we've gone back and forth on the whether this will happen or not, having gotten shot down innumerable times. But I think it's about to happen. Finally. Dick Wolf is our new BFF. I almost can has contract. More soon.

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If I had a hammer

Hit that with your rhythm stick Speaking of phone outrage, someone's gone and done something about it. Mona demands to speak to a manager. A customer service representative says someone will be right with them. Directs them to a bench, outside. (Remember, it's mid-August.) Mona and Don sit. Tick, tick, tick, goes the clock. Sit,…

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Call waiting

Im on yr phone, takin up yr time I get a lot of calls from publicists. When I'm on the phone, they go to voice mail. Some of them are short and to the point: "I'm Miffy, and I'm calling about the event on Thursday for 'New Movie.' Give me a call and we'll chat…

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The great mystery

There's a reunion post coming soon, once I get the photos out of the camera. For those not keeping score, I hit the 20th high school reunion over the weekend. Still processing, like the camera. But the rest of the weekend was spent largely running around with some of my bestest friends (who just so…

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