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Archive for June 2007

I Has Cheezeburger

Tent Actually, I has a tent. Thanks, Ebay! Now, let's just hope it gets here before next Friday. This weekend, it's off to more suburban locales for Sunspiral's party. I'll be the doof in the pool in a face-mask (still can't open my eyes under chlorinated water yet; when I asked about that you could…

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A few thoughts and an offer

Thank you, United Health Care. Since there is no generic of Zymar, I've now forked over $45 for another 5 ml of the lifesaving antidote to cancer — eye antibiotic. ***** It's so cold in my office that … When I stepped outside today and thought "furnace!" I actually also thought, "Sweet relief." I think…

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The eyes have it

And so, let the healing continue. Yesterday, the "bandage" lenses that were letting the cornea heal came off. And if there's anything more unnerving than a doctor coming at your eyes with a pair of tweezers (!) I can't think of it. Even Hal the blinking eye was less scary. Oh, wait, I thought of…

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In sharp detail, if not relief

I am delighted beyond words that all of my close and loving friends are so assured of my general well-being in this world, and ability to bounce back from having lasers pointed into my eyes and corneas reshaped that they feel no need send out  well-being wishes. I am, as it turns out, extremely resilient…

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The Web, in 72 Pt. Font

Well, the Web she does lose something in the translation when you have to view her in enormous type font. I've had PRK surgery on my eyes (having "asymmetrical corneas" means you don't get LASIK if you want it) and the healing process is longer than with LASIK. It means I still have tiny lenses…

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Notice: Cookies Wouldn’t Hurt, Either

Notice The mysterious kitchen notice-poster at work is at it again. This was up in another kitchen today, but it's the same floor. Caveat: I do not work at MSN News. (Despite the recent MSNBC posts.) While it's hard to disagree that "cookies wouldn't hurt," which can be true in pretty much every situation, I…

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It’s Good to Sweat Together, 2007 Edition

DD at Hammerstein Ballroom 6-17-07 "So, you're not going to go home and say this was the worst Duran Duran concert you've ever been to, right?"Well, John. What to say. When you: start 15 minutes late and come out on stage to collectively inform the fans that they're now going to hear selected tracks from…

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Sunday schedule

Jr. Network News So for those who have an interest in such things, I'll be appearing on Alex Witt's news show on MSNBC tomorrow at 9:15 ET and 10:40 ET. In the ay-em, as they say. Which kills a late Saturday night, I tell you. We will be discussing how Michael Moore's new film "Sicko"…

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FBI! Zombies! Attack! Oh, wait….

Zombies I read the headline and thought for a minute that the BBC was adhering to Blog Like It's the End of the World Day, and then I saw it was about computers. My imagination tends to far outstrip reality.

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Best Sopranos recap

And evaluation is here. I wish I'd found this blog sooner than just a few weeks ago; Matt Zoller Seitz is an excellent explicator and writer. The creeping sense of numbness and despair, the sense that the best (whatever that means) is over, and the concurrent sense that nothing that happens to us is as…

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