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Archive for February 2007

Rights hook

The Big C So, it's taken about a month since I finished the book — and several delays, not excepting a need to rewrite part of the last quarter, my own procrastination and the fact that "American Idol" is now on — but the synopsis is done. It's 13,000 long. It has to be 1,400…

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I Mess With Texas, Part 18

The Mess With Texas Sign To note: This is not a retaliatory "mess with Texas" moment, even though Texas has been messing with my whole weekend, as I've had to write up two articles about the upcoming South By Southwest film festival. Do I feel a twitch guilty with this one, because I'm actually looking…

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And the award goes to ….

Gold D-cup Been a challenging week, needless to say. And doesn't look to let up. Cranky hasn't quite been enough to approximate my mood, but bloodthirsty seems a tad strong. In any case, people are pissing me off. Forthwith, the beginning of a sporadic set of entries: The Inaugural Armchair News Awards. (Cue crowd, cue…

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Ringing the tin bell

New York Subway N Train Map Ever since I been Ridin, right on the Subway Train You can hear the whistle blowin' Ya might think I'm goin insane — The New York Dolls, "Subway Train" Something happened when the weather dropped into single digits. I think my brain froze. Kind of lost interest in the story…

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