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Archive for September 2006

Hi, I’m Billy

Ciaracake This evening involved a dozen eggs. Most of them were hard-boiled. Two went into a recipe. As a single person there's something gratuitous about buying a dozen eggs, because unless you do something like hard boil them, how can you possibly expect to consume that many eggs before they go bad? The spare two…

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Light up the night

Yes, they're dark. And yes, you don't know a thing about what's going on. But the point is: I went to a party. After dark, firedancers and firespinners showed up, and while drums went on and on, they showed us what they could do with some lamp oil, some balls on the end of chains,…

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Procrastination nation

Ceilingfan It feels a little like a scene from "Apocalypse Now." But only a little. I love my new ceiling fan. Having just spent an hour doing anything but writing; having just spent time half-watching "Deal or No Deal" (which is fast becoming the most obnoxious show I've ever sort-of seen, whereas before it was…

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Living room

Electricity According to my electrician, there are over 60,000 types of orchids in Jamaica, most of which grow wild. They are smaller than their hothouse cousins, and more vivid in color. Orchids, he says, are parasites (but he said it affectionately). He once went out orchid hunting with his father and they found one that…

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My frisky dingo

Ciara paws The dog doesn't get out much. Ciara is not a fan of the outdoors. In addition to her agoraphobia, her neuroses and shortcomings include: unexpected noises plastic bags needing to have her stomach rubbed at least 85 times a day not eating her own food until she's sure I've finished with mine licking…

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Stating the intentions

Now that that's out of the way: I find it's better to state your goals, ideally aloud. For some reason, the more often you state your goals to other people (at least, until they kick you in the ass to stop), the more likely you are to realize your goals. Keep it to yourself, those…

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